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Demo Reel

Short Films

Design Work

Q and A
Storia The Messenger Perry and Norman
Sparks The Greek
TKQ Bluey Designs
TKQ Back To The Future Design Sheet
TKQ Scooby Design Sheet 2
TKQ Scooby Design Sheet 1
TKQ Seinfeld Design Sheet
TKQ BB Design Sheet
Sped Racer
The Rat Room Character Design Page
The Note Wife Design Sheet
Studio 301 The Note Prop Design


Film Stills

Sparks Still 1
Sparks Still 2
Sparks Still 3
Sparks Still 4
Scoob 1
Scoob 2
Scoob 3
BTTF Still 1
BTTF Still 2
BTTF Still 3
The Rizzard Still 1
The Rizzard Still 2
The Rizzard Still 3
Chucks Christmas Special Still
The Note Still 2
The Note Still 3
The Note Still 5
The Note Living Room Lighting Variants
Zack In Time Pilot Still1
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